Top Media Courses Offered by University of Mumbai

There are many opportunities available in recent times in the field of media and communication for aspirants seeking a job or career in the creative landscape.

There are many opportunities available in recent times in the field of media and communication for aspirants seeking a job or career in the creative landscape. However, to succeed in the profiles chosen by the students requires traits like inherent talent, unbridled passion, hard work, perseverance, and most importantly, a good media college that can impart all-round and intensive knowledge of the growing technology and media advances.


If an individual has a natural flair or talent to ace at various different job profiles along with the ability to multitask, a course in media management or a course in digital marketing can provide them with various exciting opportunities to build a successful career in. Mass Communication and Media is a very diverse field and one can choose to specialise in print and TV journalism, online media or radio, as well as in many other mass communication fields such as advertising, public relations, event management and much more.


The following is a list of potential media and communication courses that can lead to a successful career opportunity in the future. These courses have a diverse syllabus and curriculum, so know the course well before you decide to enrol into one.




Media management can be defined as the practice of directing and controlling various print or digital media-related businesses and business functions. This includes management roles in the media and entertainment industry along with various other media-related teams that operate in other industries. It is a broad practice that can be included in all types of businesses and areas of work. 


Media Management is a specialised area of business administration that teaches aspirants about the various stages of media and communication business, including development, planning, functioning, executing, and brand building of different media enterprises. The core task of a media management professional is to seal the gap by building a bridge between the general theoretical disciplines of management and the specifics of media industry practices in real-time. The course or programmes in media management train the students in developing an understanding of the industry from a creative as well as business point of view and provides an experience on how various functions, such as production, marketing, direction, human resources, finance, and operations, are run at a media house.




MBA in media is a specialised post-graduation course for those involved in mass communication, media, and entertainment fields. It is widely recognised all around the world for its various applications in different fields that require media attention and digital marketing. Many students opt to pursue an MBA in media management to successfully boost their career into a positive trajectory. The career opportunities after completion of this post-graduation course are wide and varied.




Filmmaking is a highly advanced and creative career field that has a wide variety of applications in media and mass communication, journalism, and advertising. This multifaceted field is daunting yet satisfying. It includes learning various processes and practices such as production, direction, sound engineering, cinematography, photography, and much more. It is an art involving a lot of creativity, focus and unbridled passion. 


The area of study focuses on the complex art of filmmaking, storyboarding, content curation, understanding the specifics of scriptwriting, content curation, and other basic principles of film production and media development. From curating movies to making them, this course in film making includes it all. It is a field that can make or break your career with the slightest twist of fate and provides a means of working with passionate individuals from different walks of life. 


The course in film making also includes a lot of essential performance techniques and styles included in film production and direction. From the story idea to the final editing task before the big screening, the course in film making has it all. 




Cinematography can be considered as an advanced and specialized topic in film making. During the course, the students are introduced to the basic operations involved in cinematography courses, such as the correct operation of various cameras, including 16mm cameras, adjustment and handling of various lighting equipment, lenses, and other accessory equipment required for creating a masterpiece that everyone sees on the screen. Techniques in cinematography are covered, including image control through lighting, selection of film, exposure and the type of camera and lens used.




Every video and media project requires sound editing and music creation as well as original sound production. An audio or sound engineer’s job entails producing and recording live performances, balancing, and the adjustment of sound sources using equalization and audio effects. Sound mixing, reproduction, and reinforcement are all a part of sound engineering. The course in sound engineering is designed to teach the science and art of music recording and mixing for movie projects, advertising projects, and digital spaces. 


Sound engineering is a vastly growing field in career building. The photography, cinematography and camera bring characters to life, but it’s the sound design that breathes emotions into those characters, thus enhancing the complete movie experience. Sound engineers also play a vital role in the music industry in composition and recording of the music to editing it to perfection.




Digital marketing is nothing but advertising delivered through various digital channels like computers, mobile phones, and various other digital platforms to promote products, services, and brands.


In the digital marketing course in Mumbai, an individual learns how to operate various digital media channels such as social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.), mobile applications, email, web applications, search engines, websites, and much more. The course teaches individuals various ways of revenue generation through catchy content and design on media platforms. The course entails a detailed study of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Content Marketing, PPC (Pay Per Click Marketing), Influencer Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and Email Marketing. It is a vastly growing field with multiple opportunities for building a successful career in the coming future.




The field of mass communication is fundamentally a multi-disciplined career option where an individual learns about media in print medium, television, and radio broadcast communication, among others. Communication research, filmmaking aspects audio-visual communication, online media, advertising, and various other digital platforms also make up a part of mass communication. Journalism courses specialize in newsprint media such as newspapers and magazines. Combined together in the Masters of communication journalism, the course equips an individual with multifaceted media knowledge. 


The general course aspects of this course include the understanding of broad strokes within media, communication, and journalism in general. Specialising in both fields instead of a single field provides varied and multiple career opportunities to the aspirants.